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Always offering low prices on tires

We stock the very best brands of new tires that will fit any make or model. We have Goodyear, Dunlap, Michelin, Firestone, Cooper, Bridgestone, and many others.

• Rotate tires every oil change

• Repair tires when a problem accrues

• Perform an alignment and suspension inspection once a year due to potholes and unforeseen problems

• Balance tires twice a year

Prolong the life of your tread

Bring your vehicle to us for routine oil changes and tire rotations. You'll save BIG!

• Oil change

• Oil filter and replacement

• Tire rotation

• Full 25 point safety inspection

• Check and air up tires

$24.95 - Oil and tire rotation

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"I have known the owner of this place for quite a while, when he worked for another repair shop. He has always worked on my family's cars and we won't take them anywhere else. "

- Theresa D., Dayton, OH

Tire rotation

It is to no surprise that tires are expensive especially when they play such a crucial role in the safety of your vehicle.  At CK Family Car Care, we respect the financial investment you have made in your tires. Furthermore, we want to make sure they last as long as possible. With proper maintenance, such as tire rotation, we can extend the life of your tires and improve its capabilities for a safe ride.  


Proper tire rotation is usually recommended about every 7,000 miles. The frequency of tire rotation varies based on vehicle weight, driving conditions and tire quality. At CK Family Car Care, we recommend a tire rotation every oil change.


Every time you visit CK Family Car Care, an expert, experienced, ASE-certified auto repair technician will review your vehicle during the complimentary safety Inspection. Our vehicle inspection includes your tires. CK Family Car Care will check the air pressure and adjust as necessary based on manufacturer specifications, check for damage and check for uneven wear.


Not rotating your tires can lead to severe consequences starting with uneven tire wear to possibly tire failure.


CK Family Car Care sells many brands of tires for your convenience. We only sell tires that have a good rating and review. We do this by a constant contact with our vendors and manufactures.


CK Family Car Care has tires for every budget. It can be very confusing buying tires with so many choices and brands. Let our service staff guide you to the perfect fit for your vehicle and your budget.


You have CK Family Car Care’s guarantee that we will never try and sell you Chinese tires. Chinese tires may be affordable but, they are unsafe. Chinese manufactures do not have the manufacturing safety standards the good old USA has. Support America buy American.


All tires should be replaced once they have reached a reading of 3/32. The reason being is that any lower can be unsafe for your family and mine. Remember you are not the only one on the road. Safety first.


With each set of tires that you buy from CK Family Car Care you will receive the guarantee that your tires will be balanced and rotated for free. This is for the life of the tire. Once your tires have reach 2/32 we will not rotate your tires any longer. With each purchase we recommend an alignment. Tires are expensive take care of your investment by having your tires rotated, balanced, and an alignment done each year.