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Important tips from CK

By following some of these simple tips you can greatly prolong the life of your vehicle and avoid those monthly car payments.

• Follow and keep up on your vehicles factory scheduled maintenance. The number one reason for vehicle failure is not performing maintenance. Keep up on your vehicle maintenance!!!!

• Have your vehicle professionally detailed inside and out every fall and spring.

• Got a garage us it!! It’s silly, your vehicle is usually the second most expensive item you purchase in your life.

• Try not parking in the sun and away from sappy trees.

• Consolidate trips. Cut that fuel bill down.

• Do not let your vehicle idle long.

• Limit vehicle warm ups time in the winter.

• Reduce the weight in the vehicle. Guys get those golf clubs out of the trunk and ladies do we really need all those shoes. Ha-ha.

• Avoid sudden stops, sudden accelerations, and high speeds. If you drive your vehicle like you are at the track expect to have problems and a very high gas bill.

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