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Ensure a smooth and controlled ride

Your steering and suspension system should get examined at least once a year. This can prevent significant and costly repairs. If your vehicle is not handling the way it should, bring it to CK Family Car Care.

• Pulling to the side

• Complications steering

• Issues driving over uneven roads or dips

• Continuing to bounce after going over a bump

• Wheels wander or wiggle

• Steering seems to be slipping

Does your vehicle do any of the following?

A misalignment with your steering and suspension system can have adverse effects on your tires.


We'll check your tires to ensure that they are not part of your vehicle's handling and performance problem.

Courtesy tire checks

Call us today to schedule suspension maintenance


"I trust these mechanics and would gladly send anyone their way. They also don't charge an arm and a leg...which is of course a good thing."

- Theresa F., Dayton, OH

Drivetrain and Suspension

As obvious as it may sound, the drivetrain (or powertrain), gives power to your car. This system, which includes the wheels, drive shaft, suspension, exhaust system, engine, and transmission, works to create energy and move your car safely.


While the drivetrain creates power, the suspension’s job is to keep this power under control. Were all roads flat and smooth, the suspension would not be necessary. Seeing as that isn’t the case, the suspension absorbs energy from those dips, bumps and cracks. The suspension also holds the car upright during a turn.

How to recognize a drivetrain problem

A part of creating energy in a car is regulating fuel use. When the drivetrain is on the fritz, your car will receive too much or not enough fuel. If you notice the car is coughing, choking, sputtering or stalling, it may be receiving too little fuel. If your miles per gallon (MPG) has decreased or your emissions increased, the car may be receiving too much fuel.


Does your vehicle feel a little sluggish when you hit the gas? This could be caused by a clogged up catalytic converter or a damaged transmission torque converter.


Does your vehicle sputter and chug, cause you to see your chiropractor. Most likely if you have any of these symptoms your powertrain needs service. Let our ASE certified technicians take a look. Call to schedule an appointment.

How to recognize a problem with the suspension system

Worn shocks are a big indicator of a compromised suspension system. This situation is dangerous because your shocks help the car stop quickly when necessary. If the shocks are worn down, the stopping time and distance will both increase.


You can recognize a faulty suspension system because your car will have trouble balancing. If your car bounces or sways excessively, even at low speeds, the suspension may be to blame. If the car sits at an angle or handles poorly during the drive, have the suspension checked by one of our ASE-certified technicians.


At CK Family Car Care, we protect your family against the dangerous consequences of a faulty drivetrain or suspension system. Our professional staff offers each vehicle brought in for any service a safety inspection.


During this comprehensive evaluation, we check every part of both the drivetrain and suspension for any damage, as well as wear and tear. We even cover all parts and labor with our 2-year/24,000-mile assurance Warranty.


Don’t wait until it’s too late. Call CK Family Car Care today. Schedule a drivetrain and suspension system maintenance check.