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Safety inspection

Maintaining your family’s safety Is CK Family car care’s main objective. We think of each customer as a member of our family. Our ASE certified technicians our constantly reminded with saying by the owner. Inspect and treat each vehicle and customer as if it was your daughter, mother, son, or wife driving the vehicle. Our ASE certified technicians our taught this because, each vehicle is being driven by a mother, father, son, etc. CK Family Car Care takes its safety inspections very serious, we are not just trying to sell you service. We are trying to sell you safety.


A safety inspection is performed at no cost each time a vehicle comes in for service or for an oil change.


Our ASE certified technicians check following:

• Air up tires

• Check wiper blades

• Check belts

• Check air filter and cabin air filter

• Hoses

• Fluid levels

• Quality of drivetrain fluids, Power steering fluid, Brake fluid, engine oil, transmission fluid, differential fluid)

• Exterior light inspection (turn, brake, license plate, reverse, marker)

• Suspension

• Tread depth of tires (less than 3/32 time to replace)

• Rotate tires

• Inspect brake pad lining

• Inspect tires for improper alignment

• Seat belts for proper function

• Check for engine lights

• Check for fluid leaks

• Check battery


Yes, it is true that we check these items so that we can sell you our services. CK Family Car Care is an automotive repair facility. This is what we do. We fix vehicles. If we did not we would not be open to keep you safe and on the road. CK Family Car Care does not and will not sell an item or services that’s is not ever needed. That is our promise to you. Keeping your family’s vehicle safe, on time, and on the road!

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