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Prevent expensive repairs down the road

Periodic maintenance checks can go a long way to keeping your car on the road. Smaller issues, if gone ignored, can often escalate to larger issues.

• A/C service

• Oil changes

• Tire rotation

• Brake fluid

• Tune-ups

• Timing belts

General and factory schedule maintenance for all makes and models

Schedule your winter service special today and get:

• Oil change – 5 qt. multi-blended synthetic oil

• Oil filter and replacement

• Tire rotation

• Full 25 point safety inspection

• New wiper blades

•Top off all fluids and air up tires

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"My car was due for an oil change and regular check and maintenance. I literally walked in the door, had the car inspected, had the oil and fluids topped off, had the tires checked, and left 17 minutes later."

- Dean, Centerville, OH

• Transmission and differential service

• Vehicle safety inspection

• Coolant service

• Full brake service

• Power steering flush

• Water pumps

Scheduled maintenance

Do you know every interval at which your car needs manufacturer recommended service? We completely understand if you are not aware of your vehicle’s needs and frequency in which they should be serviced. At CK Family Car Care, we take pride in taking care of that burden for you.


Every time you come to CK Family Car Care, we will check your service needs. Does your Toyota need transmission service? Is your Honda due for a tune up? We have great relationships with major manufacturers and CK Family Car Care has manufacturer certified diagnostic tools and equipment. You may be surprised to know that we offer more choices for factory maintenance than the dealership.  


Every time you visit CK Family Car Care, you will receive a complimentary safety Inspection. Part of that comprehensive review of your vehicle is determining if your car is due for any scheduled manufacturer recommended service.


CK Family Car Care knows that every vehicle is different and has different needs. We have developed a maintenance scheduled by working with various manufactures. Also our years of experience has taught us that these are the best intervals to follow. We like to approach maintenance with the better safer than sorry scenario.


Air filters - are due every 12,000 miles

Alignment - needs performed once a year no acceptations  

Battery replacement - every 3 to 5 years

Brake flush - due every 50,000 miles

Brake inspection - needs performed at least 2 times a year

Belts and drive belts - due every 90,000 miles or when cracks are a quarter inch apart

Cabin air filter - due every 12,000 miles

Coolant flush - due every 50,000 miles or 90,000 miles vehicle dependent

Differential service - front or rear due every 30,000 miles

Fuel filter - due every 30,000 miles

Fuel injection and induction service – due every 50,000 miles

Power steering flush due every 50,000 miles

Oil change due every 3,000-5,000 miles

Safety inspection - performed every oil change or service -basically a complete inspection of vehicle

Shocks or struts due every 50,000 miles

Spark plugs/tune up - due every 50,000 to 100,000 miles

Timing belt - due every 60,000 or 100,000 miles vehicle dependent

Tires - tires need to be replaced when 3/32 of tread is left on the tire-any less tread is unsafe

Transmission filter and fluid exchange - due every 50,000 or 90,000 miles