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In 2004 Nathan Frederick was working at a local dealership and attending college at Sinclair community college. He was enrolled in their ASAP automotive program which in turn required him to work under a mentor while working for a dealership. Nathan’s mentor was and is still to this day considered one of the best technicians in the Dayton area. He learned a lot about repair and management practices from him. Which he still uses today. His mentor would tell him “Keep it honest and do quality work if you can’t do that you don’t belong.” Nathan would use this to be the foundation of CK Family Car Care.


Nathan from a very young age always had wanted to own his own business. He was always fascinated with cars and just plain old tinkering. Nathan grew up in a small town just south of Toledo. It is a working town were most people fixed their own vehicles rather than take them to an expensive dealership.


His time spent at the dealership was well worth it. It was a tough start but, he worked his way up from lube technician. To working as a full time technician. He worked with seasoned technicians, and learned a great deal from them.


After working  a local dealership and for two other independent repair shops in Dayton Ohio, Nathan still didn’t like what he was seeing. Nathan said “All these shops have the same mentality; get the customer for as much as you can.” This did not sit well with him.


In 2010 Nathan started CK Family Car Care in Centerville Ohio. Knowing that he could not personally do business like other shops in the area. Nathan resorted back to his faith and teachings of family and his mentor. Keep it simple, be honest, do quality work, and charge an appropriate price. This practice is still in play today.


CK Family Car Care still believes in these practices today. You can see it in everything they do. From their employees to their waiting area. The number one focus is the customer and creating a lasting relationship with them.


Nathan and CK Family takes pride in customer service and strives to make changes to their business daily to better accommodate the customer. Recently they remodeled their waiting area and added a shuttle vehicle. They offer free Wi-Fi and beverages while you wait.