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Extend the life of your vehicle's transmission

From basic transmission services like a transmission fluid flush all the way to complete replacement or transmission overhauls, you can count on CK Family Car Care. We'll cure all of your vehicle’s transmission problems.

• Loss of power

• Whining, clunking or humming noises

• Burning smell

• The check engine light is on

Does your vehicle suffer from any of the following symptoms?

Our team is experienced in all facets of transmission and engine repair and maintenance. Count on us to run computer diagnostics and come up with the best method to repair your vehicle. We'll complete an electrical component replacement if a sensor or solenoid is the issue. The transmission fluid will also be flushed and changed.

Highly trained, certified transmission enthusiasts

"I've worked for General Motors for 43.5 years and the quality of service is the best at CK Family Car Care!"

- Claude, Centerville, OH

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Extend the life of your vehicle's transmission

Did you know that an engine replacement can be one of the costliest repairs you can do for your car? Furthermore, the worst part is most engine malfunctions can be avoided with better preventive maintenance.


Engines are a true marvel consisting of high temperatures, hundreds of moving parts, electrical systems working alongside complicated mechanical systems. The irony with the owner and engine relationship is these systems are operating at thousands of repetitions per minute while we sit in a comfortable seat relaxing with very minimal effort.  However, it is important we do not forget about the hard work we demand from our engines on a daily basis.


Timing belts and timing chains are the most common major engine service. Along with water pumps and thermostats. Maintaining a clean and crack free timing belt is paramount. Broken timing belts often lead to catastrophic engine failure and very costly repairs.


Oil leaks are a clear indicator of an engine in need of service. Oil leaks are almost always the direct result of poor maintenance. Seals become hard and dry and do not protect against fluid loss. Leaks can lead to catastrophic engine failures.


A clean engine is a happy engine. Make sure you get fluid flushes and fuel injection cleanings as recommended by the manufacturer


Your engine is a complex machine and other components will break down occasionally. CK Family Car Care can provide repair services for your car’s ignition systems, ignition wires, crank case, fuel pump, water pump, sensors (including oxygen sensor, sometimes referred to as an O2 sensor), distributor cap and rotor.


CK Family Car Care can also, if need be replace your engine or rebuild it. Replacing an engine is the last option. Usually this can be avoided with proper maintenance, but engines do become worn out over time. Most vehicle owners do not realize that your engine is basically metal rubbing against metal and the only thing keeping it from destroying itself is engine oil.


A well maintained vehicle is a fuel efficient vehicle. Proper preventative maintenance can significantly increase your fuel mileage and life of your vehicle.